WordPress Database Optimization

WordPress database optimization is an essential deep cleaning maintenance for any WordPress site that has been in operation for more than a year or has gone through many changes of plugins and themes.

The database grows in size over time, and this service will remove all the excess and clutter, defragment, and optimize your database to speed up loading times on your website.

As posts are created, deleted, drafts changed, plugins removed or upgraded, many bits of data can be left behind which are no longer needed. Eventually, your WordPress website will begin to slow down from this.

Case Study #1

Website age: 6 years.

Initial Load Time:

case study 1 initial load time

Initial Database Overview:

case study 1 database overview

Optimized Load Time:

case study 1 Optimized Load Time

Optimized Database Overview:

case study 1 case study 1 Optimized database overview