WordPress Update Service for 4.2

WordPress 4.2 “Powell” has landed, and its time to update your website! Frog Stone Media is offering a white glove WordPress update service to completely update your website, plugins, and themes for WordPress 4.2.

No website can be 100% secure, but our WordPress update service for 4.2 significantly reduces the risk that your website will get hacked.

Frog Stone Media was great in getting rid of some Malware on our website.  Basically, we found the Malware on a Thursday, were referred to them on Friday, and the Malware was gone from our site that following Monday.  I couldn’t ask for a more painless experience in relieving our company of a very painful problem.

-Brian F.

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[box type=”alert” border=”full”] Why should you update WordPress?[/box]

  • 83% of hacked WordPress websites are not updated – if you haven’t updated WordPress, you could be part of the 83% of WordPress websites which get hacked.
  • Many hacks our website is hacked and sends out spam messages on your behalf –


[box type=”tick” border=”full”]Complete WordPress Backup[/box]

A complete backup of all your files, images, uploads, and database will be created before any work is done and sent to you. Your website is kept completely safe and can be restored at any time.

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]WordPress Update Service Core[/box]

Upgrading your site can be stressful if plugins or themes cause errors. Your site will be upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and we do all of the dirty work for you.

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates[/box]

We will save you from obscure problems that may crop up during the upgrade process. All of your themes and plugins are checked to make sure they are using the most current version. If you are using a premium solution, we do our best to verify your subscription is still valid. If you use a plugin that no longer works, we will recommend and install a plugin which works.

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]WordPress Optimization[/box]

As WordPress experts, we know the tricks of the trade to keep a site well run and optimized. We perform database trimming and image optimization so your site will load faster.

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]WordPress Security Bonus[/box]

We go even further to making sure your website is secure. We have a checklist of the best security practices when running WordPress to further minimize the chances of hackers getting into your website. Our clients are happy to not experience the horror of getting a call from a customer asking what happened with their WordPress site.

[box type=”tick” border=”full”]WordPress Login Branding Bonus[/box]

As an additional bonus for ordering, we will brand your login screen with your company logo for a more professional image.

This package is available for a flat rate of $125*.

[box type=”alert” border=”full” icon=”none”]Get Started With Your WordPress Update Service[/box]

* WPMU sites are quoted on a case by case basis, or WordPress installs with modified core code may be rejected and refunded.

** Should we find something amiss or outside the scope of this service, we will immediately notify you and arrange for an hourly rate to fix further issues.

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