Web Development

With only 7 seconds to capture a website visitor’s attention, it’s important your company leaves a lasting impression. Make sure your website effectively communicates to visitors why they should choose your product or service.

We will guide you in developing a website with real value to represent your business. With many years of experience and extensive expertise in many aspects of the web, we understand how people find, interact, and browse throughout websites.

  • Grow your business and increase your customer base
  • Reach local, regional, and global markets
  • Inform customers who you are, where you’re located, and why they need you

We pride ourselves in creating detailed and personalized solutions to make sure your business website is something you can be proud of. With more than 95% customer retention, we strive on building a business relationship for the longterm. Your website is created with a focus on results, creating an investment that truly performs.

1) An Excellent Website Always Starts With A Meeting

When possible, we make an effort to meet with you and learn as much as we can about who you are and how your business provides the best possible service to its customers. We’ve been known to rearrange furniture and take pictures of businesses on-site to use. It always helps to be able to take home any marketing samples your business has, such as business cards, newspaper advertisements, or fliers.

2) Choosing Your Options

During our meeting, we will outline the different services and information you would like to present to your customers and website visitors. We will go over strategies and aspects of marketing your website online and giving customers incentives to go onto your site, which in turn will bring you more business.

3) Building The Foundation

After our initial meeting, we meditate and mentally sift through all of the information recently absorbed. A vision and foundation of how your website best visually presents itself online quickly forms. One client invited us over to her home during our first meeting. We discussed her taste in art and furniture as well as her love for Ethan Allen. We ended up creating a beautiful and sleek looking website which caused her to exclaim, “That looks just like a page out of one of my Ethan Allen magazines. I love it!” The website accurately represented her business and the caliber of clientele she was seeking to attract.

4) Putting It All Together

Based on your individual business needs, we make sure to utilize technology and features which best suit you. Color coordination, proper spacing, strong visual aids, and branding are all elements carefully constructed together during the website development process.

5) A Beautiful Website

In the end, our goal is to make sure you have a website you are proud of, but more importantly, a website which increases your revenue.

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