CPC Campaign Optimization

Why Is Optimizing So Important?

  • Improve the performance of your advertising campaigns.
  • Meet advertising goals.
  • Reduce CPC
  • Increase ROI’s and CTR’s.

Optimize Campaign Settings

  • Verify the ads and keywords match the website being advertised.
  • Verify the ads and keywords are relevant to the product or service being promoted.
  • Evaluate how conversions are being tracked.
  • Improve relevance of ads being displayed.
  • Evaluate the budget, costs, and length ads are running each day.
  • A/B testing with ad groups.
  • Organize campaign structure.
  • Target the correct locations and languages.
  • Avoid duplicate keywords across ad groups.
  • Ad groups for different audiences.

Optimize Keywords

  • Research specific keywords related to the product or service being advertised.
  • Are keywords cost effective?
  • Are keywords relevant?
  • Are keywords vague or targeted?
  • Audit low CTR keywords.
  • Monitor high CTR keywords.
  • Negative keywords for search query anomalies.
  • Adjust keyword match types.

Optimize Ad Copy

  • Identify low and high performing ads.
  • Are ads clear and compelling?
  • Do ads contain relevant and targeted keywords?
  • Is there a call to action or reason to click?
  • Can keyword insertion improve ad copy?
  • Are unqualified clicks being filtered?
  • Check for spelling, grammar, or capitalization.
  • Improve the quality score of ads.
  • Verify ad landing pages.

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