Online Marketing

Effective Methods of Advertising

Consider your marketing objective:

  • Are you after brand awareness?
  • Direct sales?
  • Increasing customer loyalty?
  • Or developing new markets?

Consider the costs of production of your advertising campaign. The ability to effectively measure and target your audience can be done using methods offline advertising simply cannot do.

Reach a large amount of users at home or abroad in an efficient and measurable manner.

Online advertising supports a variety of mediums to advertise over, providing your business with unique opportunities to reach customers you may not normally reach.

Is your website utilizing itself properly to engage consumers on a more personable and direct level while establishing loyalty?

Online advertising works well with broadcast media and advertising. TV is one of the biggest drivers of online search. Is your product or service being seen while consumers are researching and becoming informed buyers?

Do I want Cost Per Click (CPC)
or Cost Per Impression (CPM)?

CPC is for direct response strategies. You are looking for clicks and conversions.

CPM is for branding and increasing exposure. You don’t have a specific conversion goal, but are seeking to push out a message or your brand.

Advertise with Google inside of:

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Youtube
  • Google Places
  • Google Mobile

Google Search Network

  • Deliver text-based ads to users searching for relevant queries
  • Quickly promote a product or message attached to a search keyword

Google Display Network

  • Reaches 81% of global internet users
  • Users are exposed to an average of 30 ads per day
  • Flexible ad formats available
    • Image ads
    • Text ads
    • Video ads
    • Rich media ads
    • Banners, squares, buttons, etc. available
  • Place your product or service onto other websites related to your industry or target market.

Youtube Advertising

  • Youtube receives 2 billion video views per day
  • 5% of time spent on the internet is spent on YouTube
  • Video allows you to target your audience by demographic, theme, and interest
  • Spread your marketing message to groups of communities related to your content
  • Promotional video can be displayed in a range of options throughout Youtube

Google Places

  • Excellent for location-specific businesses
  • Drive local action and consumers
  • Target consumers local to your business
  • 1/5 Google searches are related to a location-based business listing
  • Much more control and details are available to consumers over Yellow Pages listings
    • Accurate address and phone number
    • Photos and reviews
    • Street view of your business
    • Menus
    • Coupons
    • Location assistance for users to better find your location
    • And much more.

Google Mobile

  • There are over 5 billion mobile users worldwide
  • Many opportunities for location-based advertising
  • Mobile search users are often closer to a point of sale and have an urgency in finding the right product or service.

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