Looking for a web developer?

Seems there are almost too many choices. And you never know who you’re going to get – on any given day, you could be talking to a kid fresh out of school with minimal experience, a hobbyist with a day job, or someone with 20 years of experience.

Not great odds if you’re looking for someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Here’s the thing – you don’t want to deal with techie guys using lots of complicated jargon and Google slang to pull a fast one. And you don’t want to talk to someone whose obsession with cool design tricks leads to a website with limited functionality, or worse – one that’s confusing to customers.

You want…

A website that will help customers find you online.

A website that generates qualified leads.

A website that works.

I’m Mike, Founder of Frog Stone Media

Nice to meet you!

Web development isn’t just a career for me. It’s a passion bordering on obsession. Since 2003, I’ve studied web development every day, staying on top of the latest trends and technology like a frog sits on top of a lily pad (or a stone, in my case).

I am a member of Google Partners and have attended phone, web, and on-campus seminars for marketing and AdWords training. I studied under Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin, learning how to design search engine friendly websites built to be well-oiled lead generating and conversion generating machines.

Essentially, you have first-hand access to someone who knows how to prepare your site on Google-sanctioned terms. How many times have you heard of a business owner getting unfairly slapped down in rankings for some so-called SEO expert’s shady techniques?

I’m not in it to pad my portfolio. I’m not in it to plunk a useless website out there on the web that takes up space without DOING anything.

I want you and your business to succeed. When you grow, I grow, and that makes me happy.

Many of my clients have been with me for 8+ years and they know they can count on me to build a great website as well as handle site emergencies, security issues, and sensitive data. Click to read client testimonials.

So there you have it. I build beautiful websites that make you money. I do it because I love playing with code and solving problems. And I do it because I love helping you make money.

I know you can take care of people better than a lot of other devs. You’re patient and you teach people who want to learn or just take care of shit for people who can’t be bothered and never make a big deal out of not knowing something. You go find it out. – Angie Colee

E-mail me today to get started on your new website.


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